Monday, August 26, 2013

World Map

I needed a world map so many times for so many projects that I finally got sick of looking for high quality ones and created my own. The map was created in Illustrator.

On-Site Mobile Laboratories

On-Site Mobile laboratories is a start-up company in Pleasant Grove Utah. I have worked with them extensively on their media. Here are two logo samples that I created for them in Illustrator. Below them are the front and back of a trade show pamphlet. The pamphlet was created using Illustrator and InDesign.

Dragon Book Illustrations

These are samples of the artwork I am creating for a children's book about the problems a dragon is causing to a local kingdom. The art was created in Illustrator, and the shadows and speculars were created using Photoshop. 

Gold Plating Services Banner Ads

Gold Plating services is a Utah based company with a huge global clientele. I have done a considerable amount of freelance work for them, these three banner ads are just a few examples of some of what I have done.

Superhero Desktop Themes

These three desktops were created from the superhero art I created. They were made using Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

Superhero Art

Below are a few examples of some superhero art that I created for a superhero themed nursery. There are a total of 7 superheroes from both the Marvel and DC universes represented in posters like these first two of Wolverine and Spiderman. Below this are two additional pieces for the nursery, one for the wall, and one for the door.

Bountiful/Timpanogos Temple Graphic

I needed a simple representation of the Bountiful Temple for a wedding video I was creating. I found a reference image in the style I was looking for and created this graphic based on that image. This was created in illustrator.

Christmas Graphics

These are two Christmas graphics I created in 2012 for a couple of different Christmas Projects I was working on. They were both created in Illustrator, with a few minor touches done in Photoshop.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Adobe InDesign

I have projects that represent my skill set really well here on the blog, but there is one program that has not gotten much attention, and that is InDesign. It is a great program that I wanted to show a little love to, so here are three layout examples that I created in InDesign. They are samples only, made to give an idea of some of what I am capable of in InDesign.