Friday, October 12, 2012

A Few Fun Links to My Work

Below are a few fun examples of my work that are floating out there on the web.

First are two promos that I made for the Zion Theater Company production of "The Hobbit" there are several other videos on the site, but those two are my work.

Next is the Black Hat Media website which I designed and created all graphics for. 

These next few are actually about my work as a director with Zion Theater Company. I directed two shows with them, "The Hobbit" and "White Mountain" which was a showcase piece in the "Immortal Hearts" set. 

These links show off one of my designs created for Zoobies Inc. Zoobies were the original pillow pets and I was the designer of their bug line. Saba the Snail was one of my favorite design. Puddles the pig was another design that is currently still being sold that I worked on. The original design for the pig was rejected, they brought it to me and I got it fixed and looking great!

I designed a book cover and web graphic for local poet Jessie Frank. 

Here is my promotional poster created for "The Hobbit" at the Little Brown Theater in Springville Utah.

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